Consignment Info

Consignment Service 

About our consignment service? 

When you send us consignment items like a comic book(s), toy(s), or graded material(s), we help you sell your items through our website. You don't pay any fees until your items sell. Once a consigned item has sold, we charge a commission fee based on the sale price we sell them for. We pay you the amount of the sale minus our commission and shipping cost that were charged on the sale. When you consign an item with us we sell item as a fixed price to start with and after 90 days if item does not sell we can adjust price down up to 4 times total at 1 change per month. 

Consignment Fees 

Fees are charged once your item(s) have sold and are paid out within 5 working days after item(s)have shipped. There are no additional fees that will be charged to you other than the percentage fees below: 

Commission Fees 

  • 15% commission on sales less than $250, minimum commission of $5.00 per item sold. 
  • 10% commission on sales of $250 up to $1499.99. 
  • 7.5% commission on sales of $1500 or higher. 
  • Comic Lots: Commission on comic lots start at $15 for 12 items, plus $1.50 per item for any additional items  after the 12 
  • We also offer a complete service of consignment options for our sellers with big collections and quantities. We will go through your collection and list as much as possible to maximize your profits and give you suggestions that will make your sales more appealing to potential buyers for fast turnarounds. We will grade your items with a fair grade and price to sell them for. Our focus is to max out your profits with fast turnarounds. The commission fee for sorting, grading and pricing your collection is 30% of the sale price we collect for you.   

Start consigning your comics: 

 Before we start your consignment we suggest that you contact us concerning your comics or collection you wish to consign to us. We suggest to email us a complete list of what your sending before you ship us your items, and to insure your shipment incase we do not receive it or your package gets delivered damaged you will be fully insured: 
Michael Chavez 
Consignment Specialist 

284C E. Lake Mead Pkwy #519 

Henderson, NV 89015 
Phone: (702) 881-9288.                                          


Getting your consignment going:

Once you have spoke to us about your consignment, we will have you email us a list of what you want to consign and have it reviewed and approve it or decline it. Once your consignment is approved we will email you the information for packing your shipment and shipping instructions and precautions to take with your consignment. 
You will be required to pay for your own shipping to us and as well for shipping back to you if your consignments do not sell. We recommend to have your packages insured and to pack your items the way we recommend to avoid any damage. We will require you to enclose a packing list printed out or handwritten with your items your are sending (NOTE: if handwritten please make print legible so we can read your list). If you are shipping a bulk collection our staff will advise you what to include for shipping if you do not want to include a complete list, in most cases we will consider it "AS IS" when we receive it. 
When we receive your shipment, we will contact you after we go over your items. We will then grade or items, get them posted onto our website and send you an email once there up on website. While we have your items we fully guarantee there value in case of thief, fire, water damage or plain damage, if any of that will happen we will notify you immediately so we can start paperwork for claims. Allow us approximately 8 - 12 business days to have large collections list on our site, small items may be posted 3 - 4 business days after we grade and value them.  

Graded Comics: 

If you already have graded comics that is the grade we will go with as long as the slab does not show to be tampered with or opened. We will accept any grade that is issued to your comics to list as a consignment with us, we have no minimum requirements. We also will offer you another choice if you choose not to consign the graded items we will look at them and make you a straight offer on buying the graded materials out right from you at a reasonable price. 

Requesting Consignment Items Back: 

Our consignors can request their items back at anytime, however if they are requested back within 60 days after listed on our website we will charge a surcharge of $2.50 per item for our time and service put into listing them on our website plus the shipping and handling fee via UPS. After 61 days of the items being on our website and the consignor wishes to have them back there will be no charge per item except the shipping and handling fee via UPS.  

Can I get my comics graded by CGC: 

Yes as long as you understand that having them graded can take a little time and patients to go through the process with CGC to get them graded by CGC Grading Service we can handle that for you. We will also advise you if it would be worth your time to have items graded or not so you are not wasting money. Our friendly staff can walk you through the process.