Variant Comics of the Month is a program we are proud of, it offers our customers a chance to receive 3 Variant Titles that are randomly selected by our staff at time of shipping orders. These Titles are exclusively selected so that you can receive value in your order and comics to enhance your collection. We offer two ways to purchase this program:

Option 1: You can purchase it every month at $23.99 plus shipping. This option includes 3 Variant Cover Comics that are randomly selected. This will allow you to buy once a month, every other month, or as you see fit with no commitment.

Option 2: You can purchase a one(1) year subscription at $274.99 with a one time cost for shipping and receive a selection every month from us once a month with 3 Variant Covers with December's selection including one extra holiday Comic(only offered in year subscription's)

Order your selection today to start receiving your Variant Covers today, select your option on the order page...


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